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  • Slippery Stuff Liquid
  • Silppery Stuff Silicone
  • HerGel
  • Strawberry Flavored Waming Lotion
  • Pheromone soap

Welcome To Wallace O’Farrell

Wallace-O’Farrell, Inc. was founded by Ms. Nancy O’Farrell in 1984 and is a Washington State privately owned corporation. Our focus is the manufacture and sale of safe, effective, high quality over-the-counter lubricants along with other premium personal products. All of our products are manufactured to the highest GMP standards. Slippery Stuff Gel lubricant has no glycerin or sugar additives and being oil-free, is a healthier choice for intimate encounters.

For over 30 years, Wallace-O’Farrell, Inc. has been known for providing high quality customer service and satisfaction.

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