My Go-To Product!
From a review by Kaitlyn/XOXOAmore: “Lube is like a really great bra, or expensive chocolate: until you get a good one, you have no idea what you’re missing. Slippery Stuff lube is like a great chocolate, but for sex…” Read complete review here.

The Best Lube Ever!
My husband and I have been buying this lube for about 2 or 3 years. I like this because it is glycerin free and for you women who don’t know glycerin can help cause yeast infections. So I always look for a lube that doesn’t have glycerin in it there are not many choices and this one is the best. It also last for a long time and doesn’t stain if it gets on clothes or sheets. Thank you for making this product.
My husband and I feel this is the best product we have thus far found. It’s not runny and it lasts. It isn’t filled with artificial fragrances or perfumes. Highly recommend.

Whether its used for vaginal,anal sex, or toys its the best that my wife and I have tried. You never have to ‘reload’ like with some other lubes. And a little goes a long way.

If you have toys, this thing is great. The other water based ones aren’t slick enough and wear out after a while, and the silicone based ones could leave you with a rash. This stuff is slick and great for tight places.

“Doesn’t take much of this to do the job. Wife and I love it. Only lube we buy now. Great with toys also.”

Best Lube
This is the best lube that my husband and I have found. It’s not super thick and it’s not so thin that it feels like water. It stays slick longer than most that we have tried. It won’t ruin toys like silicone based lubes can. We highly recommend this product.

Works Great!!
This is the best lube I’ve used. My wife and I used it in a hot tub and it worked better than any other lube.

Very thick and slick. The best part is it has no taste !!!!

Great item
This lube is probably the best we’ve ever used. It doesn’t take much to get the job done. Being a gel, it doesn’t run all over the place and make a mess. Even if it did, it doesn’t stain. One or possibly two applications lasts us…so long as you don’t have a fan blowing on you. Also, with the big bottle, you get the pump with it which is so much more convenient – you only need one hand instead of two to get more gel.

Best lube I’ve ever had. The pump top makes it very easy to use and less mess

Stopped shopping after I tried this.THIS IS THE BEST.long lasting and does not stain.

best lube ever
We love the consistency, stays put and don’t dry out like the others. We buy the pump bottle as it lasts a long time because one pump usually does us. It is compatible with all our toys, so we only have to buy one lube, which is nice. If you haven’t tried it, do so, you won’t be disappointed!

Excellent Hands down the BEST lube EVER!
If you haven’t tried this lube do it today! It is great for toys in or out of water, for sex use it in Any position! You can use slippery stuff gel during sex and switch to oral without the nasty tastes some gels and lubes leave behind and well let’s just say anal is sooooo great with slippery stuff gel because it does not dry out or get sticky. You can use the flip up top for easy application in the heat of the moment or put the pump on and apply that way. Having the pump and the flip top lid makes travel easier too!

pleasure gel
This gel is the best my hubby and I have ever used. it doesn’t dry out and works great with my toys as well.

Made for a woman with pure ecstasy for a man!
This gel is the greatest product we have ever experienced. It glides smoothly no matter which direction either lover chooses. We even keep a trial size to take with us on vacation.

I’ve used this for years and never had a problem! My girlfriend suggested other lubes, but we’ve come back to the tried and true lube that stays slippery the longest

Slick as you want it to be !!
Works great for anal penetration ! Just a little bit goes a long way ! Tried in the pool a few days ago and worked great there to !! we bought the larger bottle because we loved the smaller version !

Excellent lube
As others have mentioned, this is a really great lube. It doesn’t get tacky, sticky or wear off in seconds. Probably one of the best we’ve tried, and we’ve tried a number of them.

this lube is wonderful we have tried so many different types we almost have given up . we found this lube and are so happy we will never don’t stain your sheets, washes clean without a problem. it gives you the perfect amount of help you need and a little goes a long long way. were very happy with this lube.we use this lube for anal sex as well and it don’t burn.

Been using this for about 3 years and have not found another lube that works as well as this one. Cleans up very easy.

Cathy, CA
This was my first order of this product and it is the best lube I have every used.

A little dab’l do ya
I have been using Slippery Stuff for 24 years and will not consider changing to anything else, having tried several other products before discovering this one. It lasts forever and supplies just enough lubrication without being messy. Sensation is not diminished if used sparingly. You only need a few drops. An excellent product.

My wife and I have tried other brands of lubricants, but have gone back to Slippery Stuff again and again. It’s by far the best we’ve ever used. Long lasting, maximum sensation, and no sticky feeling afterwards.

Heaven in bed!
Slippery stuff is amazing. I have been using it for over 15 years and have never found anything slightly comparable. You can use it for sex with your partner or with toys. Couldn’t be more satisfied with this product.

The Very Best
This is absolutely the best lube available.
My wife and I have tried other brands of lubricants, but have gone back to Slippery Stuff again and again. It’s by far the best we’ve ever used. Long lasting, maximum sensation, and no sticky feeling afterwards.

best lube ever
Best lube ever used great with pump top. Highly recommend.

super stuff
The best lube i’ve used, my girl said that she couldn’t tell if it was me or the lube!that’s good thing for me !!

slippery stuff is exactly that
Great Lube! Stays wet and feels natural. Makes everything slide in easier.

Very slippery a little goes a long way. She likes it better if you warm it up a bit.

Slippery Stuff lube
This stuff is the bomb. It lasts forever and doesn’t get sticky like other lubes I have tried.

I’m 59 today
and have had vaginal and vulva dryness because of age and medications. I’ve tried sooo many products and this was recommended by my physical therapist. It’s a blessing in a bottle. Never tacky when it dries, no smell, no taste. It’s just the best I’ve used and I’m not switching.
Di in Debrary, FL

This will be my first choice in lubrication
as compared to Astroglide and KY Touch massage. KY seemed to burn a bit, Astroglide seemed a little too hard to clean up after, but Slippery Stuff is just right. Easier (for me) to clean up, does need just as much repeat application as Astro (IMO) and works well with the battery powered devices.


I am a physical therapist and I treat women with pelvic pain, incontinence and sexual dysfunction. I first learned about Slippery Stuff at a Women’s Health/Pelvic Pain continuing education seminar about five years ago. I have been using this product with my patients ever since. This product is perfect to use in the clinic and for women with lubrication difficulties. The product is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and alcohol-free, which is particularly important with my sensitive patients. Universally my patients have found this product to be helpful and non-irritating. I will continue to recommend this product to my patients who have any lubrication issues.

Barbara G.
Charlotte, NC
I have been a sex therapist for almost twenty years. I have recommended many products to women for vaginal dryness and have found Slippery Stuff to be an excellent product. Women have responded in an appreciative manner when I have offered them samples and they have returned expressing satisfaction with its use.
As a flume therapist, I work with patients who have many different etiologies for vaginal dryness. The soothing characteristics of Slippery Stuff has helped patients through many rough periods. With the increased use of condoms for protection against disease, its also nice to know that it is compatible with condom usage.

Catherine R.
Certified Sex Therapist
Pittsburgh, PA
I am a physiotherapist who has been practicing in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the field of Women’s and Men’s health since 1997. I have tried several lubricants to help with my work involving internal rectal and vaginal examinations. In the last few years I have worked extensively with clients suffering from Vulvar Vestibulitis (pain on penetration) who are all extremely sensitive to different substances.

Slippery Stuff is always the lubrication of choice for my clients with irritation of the vaginal lining. I no longer try any other lubricants and always recommend this product for my clients to use with the dilators when doing their home work or for use with internal electrodes for biofeedback.

It is also useful as a lubricant for rectal examinations and I recommend it for those women suffering from hormonal or menopausal vaginal dryness.

I have suggested use of Slippery Stuff to our local gynecologists and family physicians for PAP tests. I believe that Slippery Stuff is an excellent product and will reduce the irritation caused by pelvic examination to women especially those with sensitive or dry vaginal walls.

Stella R.
Beford Orthopedic Health Center
Women’s Health Physiotherapist
I am writing in regards to the Slippery Stuff lubricant. I am a women’s health physical therapist. I was recently introduced to the Slippery Stuff product at a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy course sponsored by the American Physical Therapy Assoc. I was previously using a medical sterile lubricating jelly. Slippery Stuff was used during lab at this course and I noticed that this water-based lubricant was more comfortable for the patients and was easier to use. This product does not become sticky, but rather continues to lubricate throughout the entire examination/treatment. The individual packages are more sanitary as well. I noticed that the product is glycerin free, which should reduce irritation and potential contamination. I plan to incorporate this product in the Women’s Health Program and also recommend it to my patients for personal use at home. Thank you for providing such a great product.

Kris M., D.P.T
Physical Therapist
Alexander City, AL