Our product is always our product, but not all re-sellers are the same. We know our product is not available at a lot of walk-in places but is on many different online platforms with more being added all the time. Please understand that not all of these are the same and that we have very little control over how they behave. As the manufacturer, we sell to a lot of distributors who may then re-sell to other smaller re-sellers so we don’t always know who might be selling our product or how they treat you, our valued customer. If you feel you have gotten bad customer service regarding purchase of Slippery Stuff from any re-seller, please contact us with the date of the problem and seller name so we can address the issue with them. Platforms like Amazon are a general marketplace with many different businesses selling the same product, so please be specific about your reseller’s business name. We want the opportunity to either help them assist you better or drop them as a seller if they don’t treat you right. You can call us at 800-759-7883 or use our contact form at https://wallace-ofarrell.com/contact/ to let us know about customer service issues. Also, if you have questions about our product, please visit our FAQ page at https://wallace-ofarrell.com/why-slippery-stuff/ or ask us. We are always happy to assist you with questions or concerns.