With so many websites carrying Slippery Stuff now, we’ve been getting a lot of calls about people wondering if our formula changed or if they got a bad “runny” batch. In every case, it turned out that the customer bought our Slippery Stuff Liquid Formula instead of our gel formula. We want to clear up the confusion for you.

Slippery Stuff comes in 4 formulas under the Slippery Stuff name: 3 water-based and one silicone-based.

Slippery Stuff Gel Product LineOur most popular product is Slippery Stuff Water-based Gel. This product is the one most often recommended by doctors and physical therapists. If you were given a sample, it is this product. It is the only water-based sample we currently offer. It comes in several sizes and features light blue print on white packaging.You can view and purchase it here: https://wallace-ofarrell.com/product-category/slippery-stuff-lubricants/

Slippery Stuff LiquidThe product that typically causes confusion is our Slippery Stuff Water-based Liquid. This was the original formula we started with in the early 80s and remains our most gentle formula. It comes in all the same sizes as our gel, excepting samples, and features purple print on white packaging. Usually when a customer complains that they got a runny product, it is because they bought this instead of the gel. You can view and purchase it here: https://wallace-ofarrell.com/product/slippery-stuff-liquid-personal-lubricant-water-soluble/

The third water-based product is our Slippery Stuff Extra Gentle Water-based Gel. We are always striving to improve our product to make it safe, gentle and effective for the most people.  This test product features a slightly different formula than our regular gel and has worked better for some people. It is only available in a 4-oz bottle with white and black lettering on a blue background. To view or purchase it, click here: https://wallace-ofarrell.com/product/slippery-stuff-extra-gentle-lubricant-gel/


Silppery Stuff SiliconeOur final Slippery Stuff product is Slippery Stuff Silicone Lubricant. For those wanting a long-lasting, waterproof silicone formula, this product offers you silicone lubricant at a better price than most other silicone products on the market. It is available in a 3-oz bottle with a black label and also a sample packet size with black and white print. To view or purchase it, click here: https://wallace-ofarrell.com/product/new-product-slippery-stuff-silicone-lubricant/

We hope this clears up some confusion. If you have other questions, check out our FAQ page at https://wallace-ofarrell.com/why-slippery-stuff/ or, if that doesn’t tell you what you need to know, email us from https://wallace-ofarrell.com/contact/ or give us a call at 1-800-759-7883.