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Bare Essence Pheromone Colognes for Her


Bare EssenceĀ® cologne has been a Wallace-O’Farrell trademark for more than 15 progressive years.

Our original Bare Essence (BEBOX) is scented with a light floral fragrance. This cologne became so popular that we later added an Unscented version (BEUNSBOX) for the lady who wants that extra edge that comes from wearing pheromones but still wants to wear her favorite perfume or cologne as well. Vanilla (BEVANBOX) is our newest fragrance and has rapidly become every bit as popular as the other versions.

Product Description

We suggest a warm bath or shower followed by a touch of Bare Essence Cologne prior to a night of fun flirting and possible romance.

A pheromone is a set of chemicals that transmits a subtle message via scent to other members of the same species. Exactly how pheromones work on the opposite sex is still a mystery, but thousands of our customers have bought these products through the years and they keep coming back for more.

All of our Bare Essence products are enhanced with androstenol (a female pheromone).


Additional Information


Original Scent, Unscented, Vanilla Scented


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