Pheromone-enhanced Soaps


If you love our pheromone Colognes, Bare Essence with Androstenol for Women and Beaux Gest with Androstenone for Men, then you should try our pheromone-enhanced soaps.*

  • Beaux Gest Soap for Men contains the same original scent and female attractant Androstenone as our popular Beaux Gest colognes.
  • Bare Essence Soap for Women is vanilla scented and contains the same male attractant Androstenol as our Bare Essence colognes.

These soaps are also great for the skin with natural moisturizers and a bargain at only $2.75 each while supplies last!


*A pheromone is a set of chemicals that transmits a subtle message via scent to other members of the same species. Exactly how pheromones work on the opposite sex is still a mystery, but thousands of our customers have bought these products through the years and they keep coming back for more.

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