We get calls occasionally from people who have had an allergic reaction to latex and didn’t know they had this allergy. Our lubricants have been on the market for over thirty years. Hundreds of thousands of people have used them with no significant negative reaction to any of them.  They have undergone considerable laboratory testing to insure their safety and we have been told countless times that our products are the gentlest and most effective available.  We will get the occasional report of a mild case of “contact dermatitis” which is just another word for a slight rash.  If this occurs as a result of using any of our products we suggest that you discontinue its use.  None of our products contain latex of any kind, but our lubes are sometimes used in conjunction with a latex condom.  Latex is known to cause adverse allergic reactions in approximately four percent of the population in the United States. Some of these individuals need only have very minimal contact with latex to experience an allergic reaction. We are not doctors and do not give medical advice, but we would like to pass on the information we have gathered on this topic to those who are interested. Read more>>